豊田チカ フォト
豊田チカ フォト
豊田チカ フォト
3/27-4/1(4泊6日) ニューヨークツアー延期のお知らせ
2020年3月15日 豊田チカ
Due to the corona virus spreading on a global scale, and borders being closed, I have decided to postpone the following(New York recoding, Live at Kitano, Tour from Japan to New York).
Until the 3rd or 4th of March the Corona virus wasn’t a big deal in New York unlike Japan so everything was going well. However, things suddenly took a negative turn which was followed by the emergency declarations.
I am filled with disappointment that the events couldn’t take place.
I deeply apologize to those who applied to be a part of the tour, and my fans.
In addition, I plan to eventually carry out the events once the virus comes to an end.
I wish you all good health.
March 15, 2020 Chika Toyota